Calling all werewolves……

Does anyone else out there have that thing where it’s the middle of the night…. and you’re wide awake? And you look at your clock and it’s four am and you’ve been awake for what seems like hours. And after a while you get up, because your mind is insisting on doing a stockcheck of all the things that are worrying you at the moment. And quite a few that haven’t been worrying you, but are now. So you go downstairs. And you have a cup of tea. And eventually you go back to bed. And eventually you go back to sleep. Except for now it’s 6 am, and you’ve got to get up in an hour……

And then you find out there’s a full moon.

This happened to me on Friday night. Which was particularly annoying. Because after ‘the longest day of my life’ at the Chelsea Flower Show I needed my sleep more than ever.

But there was a upside to getting up at 4.30 am. As I went downstairs this was the view from the window on our staircase.


Perhaps being a werewolf has its compensations…..

One thought on “Calling all werewolves……

  1. Hilary Thornton

    Lovely photos ,what a beautiful spot we live in , all that beauty while we were sleeping and you had the chance to see it x


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