Absence makes the heart grow fonder……

Hello blog….. Have you missed me? I’ve missed you.

I can’t believe it’s been three weeks since my last post.

There are two main reasons why I haven’t been keeping up with my writing. The first is a change in my sleep patterns; the other is the weather.

The sleep thing first. I haven’t been very good at it. Sleeping, that is. Too much to think about. There’s the challenge of the Crane Park Project and the get down and get on with it Construction File, both to be handed in on the first day of next term. There’s prospect of two weeks work experience at Great Dixter in July and an opportunity of spending a week at Long Barn, the stunning house and garden in Weald, once owned by Vita Sackville West and Harold Nicholson. There are the exams – which I am sitting in one go next Wednesday before flying to Majorca in the evening.

All very exciting. And rather terrifying. How am I going to fit it all in? Let alone deal with all those family things that have to be dealt with – like my dear lovely father-in-law who is so very ill, and my dear lovely husband who is having to deal with it, and my dear lovely son who is trying to get his new business venture off the ground, and my dear lovely daughters who are changing jobs and moving into a new flat.

These aaaaaargggghhhhh moments in my life get in the way of me sleeping. Hours awake in the middle of the night mean I don’t wake up early like I usually do. Which means I don’t get to sit down with my cup of tea to write my posts.

The other reason is the weather. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but it’s been ‘s***’. And my garden is taking it personally and refusing to play ball. Usually at this time of year we go away to Majorca – and I miss one of the best times in the year for the garden. So this year, with the KLC course requiring me to be at home, I was really excited at the thought of being there for fabulousness of the garden in June. But nothing’s happening…..

Or to be fair, quite a lot is happening. But a lot of it is of the ‘in a week or two it’s going to be amazing’ variety of happening. And guess what….. I’m going to be away.

But there have been some great moments. And here are some pictures of the action so far….

These Crab Apples were amazing at the end of May
These Crab Apples were amazing at the end of May
Wonderful wisteria
Wonderful wisteria
View through the Amalanchier
View through the Amalanchier
Old Blush China rose

And a few close ups ….IMG_2921


So maybe things aren’t that bad after all……..

Calling all werewolves……

Does anyone else out there have that thing where it’s the middle of the night…. and you’re wide awake? And you look at your clock and it’s four am and you’ve been awake for what seems like hours. And after a while you get up, because your mind is insisting on doing a stockcheck of all the things that are worrying you at the moment. And quite a few that haven’t been worrying you, but are now. So you go downstairs. And you have a cup of tea. And eventually you go back to bed. And eventually you go back to sleep. Except for now it’s 6 am, and you’ve got to get up in an hour……

And then you find out there’s a full moon.

This happened to me on Friday night. Which was particularly annoying. Because after ‘the longest day of my life’ at the Chelsea Flower Show I needed my sleep more than ever.

But there was a upside to getting up at 4.30 am. As I went downstairs this was the view from the window on our staircase.


Perhaps being a werewolf has its compensations…..