My Garden

It all began with an oddly shaped triangle of newly laid, lumpy bumpy turf, surrounded by stock fencing.

We moved into Little Court House in August 2000. This was the view when we looked out of our kitchen window on the first morning.

Lovely huh....
A room with a view….

Not very promising.

I think I might have cried.

There were men on the other side of the fence working on next door’s patio. I was in my dressing gown. Goldfish in a bowl would have felt less exposed than I did.

Room for improvement....
Room for improvement….
Lovely huh....
Lovely huh….

I told my husband right there and then that we’d made a big mistake. I was never going to be happy in this house.

But in these situations it’s always a good idea to have a garden designer for a friend. Enter the wonderful and amazing Judy Painter.

She came up with a cunning plan.

A few months later the contractors arrived.

The lawn…..This is the lawn….

I tell myself that is has to get worse before it gets better.

And it does.

The contractors do their stuff

But it was all so worth it.

IMG_0380Remember the shed.
IMG_0383The lawn looks a little better these days….


The wooden fence is still there. But if there are workmen next door we can’t see them.

And I thought I would never love this garden…..

IMG_0372IMG_0272IMG_0378IMG_0203IMG_0129I’ve gone from knowing absolutely nothing about gardens to knowing a whole lot more. I’ve discovered a passion that’s given me a new direction in life. And I’ve got a garden that I love.

And all because of a scruffy little piece of ground that I was never going to like….

4 thoughts on “My Garden

  1. Wow, wow, wow! That is absolutely stunning. What an incredible garden you have created. So much for you not knowing much about garden design – I have studied and worked in it for 6 years and find it hard to find any fault at all. The layout, colours, ambience are all fantastic. Well done you. Good luck deciding what you want to do going forward.

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    1. Thanks so much, Janna, for your lovely comment! You’ve brightened up a very grey, wet January day for me. And I’ve just paid a very enjoyable visit to your blog and think your garden looks completely gorgeous. I’m so jealous of the plants you can grow… And the fabulous birds! All the best for 2015, Jane x


  2. Oh my goodness! Have I enjoyed looking at your lovely garden! It is sublime. So amazing to see the transformation over the years. You are an amazing designer. Isn’t it strange that we never realize our talents until the kids are out the door and we are left wondering what to do with ourselves?! You should be really proud of your creation and I shall enjoy exploring your blog further!

    Kate R

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    1. How lovely to hear from you, Kate. It feels like such an extraordinary thing to link up with someone through the internet and make a connection through shared interests and passions. I feel very lucky! Thank you so much for your lovely comments. Jane


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