Blotting Paper….

So…. my greenhouse….

You remember when you were little, and you did that thing with blotting paper and cress? Soak the blotting paper, put it on a plate, sprinkle it with seeds, keep it damp. A few days later….

Something extraordinary has happened. Spidery green shoots curling their way out of the seed cases. Wait a few more days – and there are slender fronds, each with its own hat of tiny leaves, waving gently at you and saying look, how amazing are we? Which is a miracle in itself. But it doesn’t stop there. Because when those little fronds are big enough, you get to eat them.

Well, my first greenhouse year has been the blotting paper experience on a grand scale. I started with nothing but a few packets of husky little brown things. Messed around with soil and pots. Sprinkled the husky brown things around a bit. Got busy with the watering can. After a few days extraordinary things began to happen.

Where it begins....
Where it begins…

And they went on happening. Every day something new and wonderful. And every week the vegetable garden turns into a new and completely different space.

Start with bare earth
Start with bare earth
Add a bit of cane construction....
Add a bit of cane construction….
Mix with sunshine and rain....
Mix with sunshine and rain….
And leave to rise....
And leave to rise….

And then you can start picking.

Amazing Aubergines
Amazing Aubergines
Preposterous peppers
Preposterous peppers
Tempting Tomatoes
Tempting Tomatoes
Colourful Kale
Colourful Kale

So the thing is…. what I can’t get my head around…. is how does it happen? I’ve done the science; I’ve sat the exam. But it still feels like magic to me.



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