OK so the Queen might have been at Chelsea today. But the Kings were there first….

Yesterday afternoon Graham was at Stamford Bridge watching Chelsea beat Everton. And I was at the Flower Show getting a sneak preview.

KLC students are helping out on the show gardens of Ulf Nordfell, Christopher Bradley-Hole and Marie Louse Agius. So we were there yesterday for our briefing.

Christopher Bradley Hole briefs us
Briefing from Christopher Bradley Hole
Gussy, Katarina and Alex
Gussy, Katarina and Alex

I’m going to be working on the Ulf Nordfjell garden on Friday.IMG_0637IMG_0641

Some of us are fronting Christopher Bradley Hole’s immaculately presented garden.

Still waters...


And five years ago Marie Louise Agius was one of us – so it’s a real buzz to be helping on her garden.IMG_0415

KLC rules OK!

3 thoughts on “Chelsea….

  1. Ros MacKinnon

    Wow looks lovely Jane, i must take my Mum up on her offer to take me one year ! As for Chelsea FC ! Well at least Arsenal finished in the top four 🙂 x take care and have a flabby day xxx


    1. Great to read your blog Ursula. And hope the KLC course is going well. I really enjoyed reading about your favourite gardens at Chelsea. I’m there again on Friday working on Ulf’s garden so will make sure I take time to look again at your favourites. All the best, Jane


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