What a week…

Spring has finally sprung.

On Monday at Hampton Court we threw the windows open and bathed in the warm air that flowed into the studio.  (To be fair we didn’t actually throw the windows open. They are so ancient that if we were to throw them open there would be a very real danger that they would drop off and plunge to the ground, killing a few visitors on their way. So we had to ask Humaira to open them for us, which she did rather gingerly! But you get the general drift…..)

My favourite yew trees.
My favourite yew trees.

It’s hard to feel down when the sun is transforming the world, bare branches are bursting into colour in waves of glorious green, and the magnolia blossom I pass on the way to college is worth stopping the car for.

In my garden, (which is always a little late thanks to heavy clay soil and a north facing aspect,) it’s been my tubs which have been the show stoppers.


IMG_1984Certainly the bees seem to think so…..IMG_2021

One thought on “What a week…

  1. Hi there Jane
    I really enjoyed your reports from your expedition, and I have now, inspired by your example, just enrolled on the KLC on line garden design diploma – feeling daunted and insanely excited at the same time! Happy gardening and studying, kind regards Ursula


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