Back to the real world……

So I’m home.

With a vengeance.

To piles of washing…. No food in the house….. And planting plans coming out of my ears ……

No more Everest Base Camp. No more fabulous feisty Team F. No more Kathmandu. I’m back in Tandridge.

And where’s the anticipation, where’s the excitement, where’s the glamour? (OK so maybe glamour isn’t quite the right word when you think about frozen loos and wearing the same clothes for a week but I’m feeling rather blue….)

Or am I?

Because what about my own lovely bed. Clean sheets, comfortable pillows, soft light duvet. What about not being able to see my breath in the air when I wake up, and no ice thick on the inside of the windows. What about warmth. Hot and cold running water at the turn of a tap. Tea with milk in it, and toast with butter on it. Fresh fruit, fresh vegetables. Meat.

And what about Graham and the kids. Being completely out of contact for days at a time has been a very odd experience. While I was away Graham found out that he is finally completely clear of the pre-cancerous condition for which he’s been undergoing groundbreaking treatment at The London Clinic. So hurrah, hooray, harrumph for miracle worker Laurence Lovatt.

And while I was away Emma got promoted, Hattie got a hot date and James got wise and left the job that’s been getting him down for months.

And then there’s my garden, which has been very obliging and put everything on hold for me while I’ve been gone. So I thought I would miss out on the tulips I planted last year. But they’ve been waiting for me and should be out in the next week or so.

And today I should finally finish the last of the ten planting plans that have to be handed in on our first day of the summer term which starts on Monday. I’ve been working on them up until the moment I went away and from the moment I got home, and finally there is light at the end of the tunnel. They may not be perfect. But they are nearly done…..

So maybe this weekend I might have time to do some washing, buy some food, celebrate my 28th wedding anniversary on Saturday. And think that adventure and excitement is all very well. And I’ve loved every minute of it….

But gosh it’s wonderful to be home.

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