For the next three weeks I’m going to be writing for my Everest blog. But I’ll be reblogging here for anyone who wants to keep up with how things are going.


Some of us are more ready than others…….

While Mary’s been going through all the kit, trying stuff on, and writing some really funny posts about it all – (although I’m a little bit worried about her obsession with the urinary aspects of our trek) – I’ve been doing other things.

So this morning the parcel containing my sleeping bag and down jacket were still by the front door….


The bags with all my kit from Cotswold were on the spare bed where I left them a couple of weeks ago…..IMG_1309

AIMG_1303nd the new underwear I brought a few days ago hadn’t made it past the chair where I’d dumped it on my way in ….

I’ve been up to my eyeballs trying to get as much of the holiday homework done for my garden design course before I go away. And the last thing on my mind has…

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  1. Hilary Thornton

    Will be keeping up to date with the Everest blog and have so enjoyed the gardening blog thus far , love Hilary xxxx safe trip to you both ! X


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