Does what it says on the tin…….

One of the advantages of doing this course is being able to get tips from people who really know their stuff.

I’ve got a pair of Felco secateurs that are suffering from extreme overuse and lack of tlc. They’ve most definitely lost their edge. I’ve tried sharpening them but I just don’t have the skill. So while we were out working in the Twentieth Century Garden a couple of weeks ago I asked tutor Amanda’s advice. She suggested sending them away for a service. She told me she has two pairs so that while one is off being sorted she doesn’t have to manage without.

This got me thinking. About Felco secateurs. And why no other secateurs will do. And then I started thinking about other things that – once you’ve used them – nothing else comes close.

So I started compiling a list. At the moment it’s not a very long list. But I’m open to suggestions.

These are my Head and Shoulders Above the Competition products.

1.  Felco Secateurs

2.  The Swoe – this is a new one for me. And another recommendation from Amanda. I used it when we were in the Twentieth Century Garden and went straight home and ordered one online. You may not be into hoeing….. but if you are it’s very very special.

3. Those Steam Irons with a separate water tank thingyI know it’s really boring to talk about irons. (Possibly even more boring than talking about hoeing!) But ironing is really boring. And these irons make a tedious job a lot more bearable, because they do the job so much better than anything else.

4.  Dualit Toasters – we’ve had ours for FIFTEEN YEARS…….. And it’s still going strong. When you consider that most toasters seem to break down after six months and even when they do work they don’t toast properly, this is even more of a miracle.

5.  Eve Lom Cleanser – my mate Judes introduced me to this amazing product fifteen years ago. (Now I come to think about it, at about the same time as I got the toaster!) It’s expensive but so worth it.

6. Sky Plus – I’m aware that this may be about to be overtaken by something better, if it hasn’t happened already. But until it does I remain a huge fan of Skyplus. It’s changed the way I watch television. Means I get to see the things I really want to see, when I really want to see them. And it’s so easy to use.

7. Daily disposal contact lenses how would I manage without them?

8. Terrys Growth Booster Mascara – this does what it says on the tin. Honestly…..

So that’s my list so far. I’m sure there are things I’ve missed. But for now I’m enjoying thinking about what else might qualify. All suggestions gratefully received.

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