Going to School

One of the best things about being on this course is the walk to school.

I park the car at Hampton Court station, just over the bridge from the palace, heave my satchel over my shoulder – there’s a hell of a lot of stuff you have to carry around with you when you are a fledgling garden designer – and walk towards the river.

First amazing view……

The palace in the morning
The palace in the morning

the palace stretched out behind a lacy curtain of winter trees. Every day it looks different.

Next exciting thing…..

Going in
Going in

…going through the security gates. I have a pass. That’s right…. a security pass. I love having a security pass.

Every day I walk past the chapel. First thing in the morning there’s nobody about. I can’t help wondering if Henry VIII’s ghost is in there trying to explain the six wives. IMG_0341

At the far corner of the Courtyard there’s a wrought iron gate. This leads to the old grace IMG_0367and favour apartments. And the location of the KLC studio. The apartments are no longer occupied by the fortunate few who once lived there. But reminders of their existence still linger. The basket lowered for supplies from the top floor saved the residents from going to the effort of going down four floors to get the milk.

And Lady Peake. Who was she? What was her history? Did she love being here as much as I do?

Grace and Favour
Grace and Favour

Along the landing to a wooden door. And I’m there. The KLC studios. Let me tell you…. this is a very good way to start a day.

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