Garden styling by Miss Havisham….

I have a bone to pick with the people who forecast the weather. I know they do their best, and these days quite often they get it right. But also quite often they get it wrong. Like this year….

Do you remember that while we were stuck in the rainy season from hell, when month after month of grey skies and rain seemed like it was going to be our fate for the rest of our lives, we had insult added to injury when the forecasters predicted that it was going to stay that way for the next ten years. TEN YEARS…. How depressing was that….

And look at the amazing summer we went on to have.

I can’t help wondering if the weather forecasters had something to do with it. I mean look what happened after they predicted a barbecue summer. It didn’t stop raining for the whole year. And don’t talk to me about the hosepipe ban….

So now I’ve decided to stop listening to the weather forecast. And try to live in the moment. Be prepared and take what comes as it happens. Which seems like a pretty good lesson for life….

And I’m trying to live every minute of this wonderful autumn to the absolute full. Because whatever the forecasters were predicting, the weather combination this year has delivered some spectacular results. I swear I can hear the pear trees groaning with the weight of their harvest.

imageAnd earlier this week, I went outside to discover that the set designers from Great Expectations had been practising in my garden.


But what human is capable of such magic….


Eat your heart out Miss Havisham….

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